Fairy Godmother Costume

How to Be a
Fairy Godmother

With all the fairy godmothers in stories from Cinderella to Shrek, we were surprised to find there were no ready-made fairy godmother costumes available.

No problem - you can make your own!

What you'll need:

A Dress or Gown - I like the Glinda gown for a "good" Godmother, but any type of long princess dress would do. For a wicked godmother, try a witch outfit or an evil queen dress. Variation: Try a short dress for a sexier look.

Hair -A Granny bun or white colonial woman's updo wig works nicely. Variation: Want something a little "edgier"? Choose a brightly colored wig or a punk style!

Glasses - Square granny glasses are a nice touch - or you could use round Harry Potter glasses or cat's eye glasses for a more retro look.

Last but not least, add
Wings and a Wand and voila - the perfect Fairy Godmother!