Green Fairy Costumes

The Green Fairy

If you're talking about the color green, the faerie world is full of green fairies: Tinker Bell, foliage fairies and other assorted pixies and sprites that inhabit the meadows and forests. But the most notorious green fairy isn't a fairy at all. This other green fairy is a spirited phenomenon which was thought to be coujoured up by drinking  the beverage. Absinthe. 

Green Fairy

A fad at the turn of the 20th century, Absinthe was the beverage of choice in French  artistic and literary circles of the era, favored by such notables as Toulouse Latrec, Vincent Van Gogh and  Oscar Wilde. It's a highly alcoholic, anise flavored witches brew, made from several herbs including wormwood  (aretmisia) and the chemical thujone.  It was reputed to be highly addictive and to lead the imbiber down a path of debauchery and destruction as "the green fairy" took over  the drinker's mind. Fearing that it would lead to crime waves and the downfall of society, officials set about  making Absinthe illegal.  By the 1920's it had been banned in the United States and much of Europe

None of these fears were found have any scientific basis in fact, and commercial production of Absinthe began  again in the 1990's, so dress as your favorite Green Fairy and summon the muse of your inner Toulouse!