Little Bo Peep Costumes

About Little Bo Peep

Poor little Bo Peep - the girl in the nursery rhyme who lost her sheep and didn't know where to find them.

bo peep costume

Storybook Trivia:

- The nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep actually has 5 stanzas (although most of us have only heard of the first one).

- Little Bo Peep takes her name from a 16th century children's game. This game is mentioned in Shakespeare's play, King Lear, as sung by the king's fool (jester):

" ...That such a king should play bo-peep, and go the fools among"

Maybe Bo never did find her missing sheep, but you should have no problem finding the right Bo-Peep costume - from adorable storybook costumes for kids, sassy versions for teens and sexy bo-peep costumes just for adults!