Fairy Tale Costumes for Men

Fairy Tale Costumes
for Guys?

Sure - Fairytale costumes aren't the first thing most men think of when looking for a Halloween costume but let's think this over:

There's Shrek - big and green, but otherwise a pretty regular guy. And Prince Charming - he always gets the girl so he must be doing something right. Speaking of Princes, there's the Frog Prince - he even gets more kisses than Prince Charming.

It takes a very special and secure kind of guy to wear that outrageous men's Tooth Fairy costume! Could it be you?

Storybook costumes are also great as couple's theme costumes. Aladdin and Jasmine, Dorothy and Scarecrow, Red Riding Hood and the wolf, the King and Queen of Hearts.... And Hansel? He gets to escort the lovely Gretel and show off his manly gams in those lederhosen!