Sleeping Beauty Costumes

The Sleeping Beauty

The story of Sleeping Beauty was first published in 1697 as part of Charles Perrault's Tales of Mother Goose.

Sleeping Beauty by Rheam

In the story, when an evil fairy is snubbed at the christening of the baby princess Aurora, she puts a spell on the girl that she will prick her finger on a spindle and die when she turns 21. A good fairy manages to modify the spell so that the girl will instead sleep for 100 years and be awakened by true love's first kiss.

Even though her father, the king, bans all spindles and spinning from his kingdom , Aurora does manage to fall under the curse, but is eventually awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince.

In the original Perrault version, her troubles are not over - Perrault's fairy tales are ominous and pretty scary! But in the 19th century version by the brothers Grimm and of course the later Disney version, they all live happily ever after!